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Best Glue for PLA

Started by Bad Raven, April 15, 2018, 09:11:13 am

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Bad Raven

OK, so what is people's favourite glue for sticking PLA printed sections, and why please?
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I use thick ca, it's quick and non messy. Not tried anything else because worked.
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depends on what your gluing really, large flat surfaces together can be done with tiny spots of everyday superglue (just dont go nuts or it'll eat the plastic), as hozza said CA works ok too, for side to side bonding (connecting to flat surfaces side by side etc) Ill generally use a bit of heat from a ols soldering iron to "weld" (have tobe careful with PLA though as it has quite a low melt temp and prolonged heat turns it literally crispy)
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April 15, 2018, 11:26:50 am #3 Last Edit: April 15, 2018, 10:04:04 pm by nate80
I used gorilla superglue gel recently and it took a week to set and had a chemical reaction with the PLA that softened it and warped it. That scared me off using standard superglue. CA superglue should be OK as loads of people use it - but I didn't have good results.

Sometimes I'll bond two pieces of pla by warming up the area with a soldering iron, but obviously only where that's suitable. Otherwise I use fast fix 4min epoxy glue. Hobbyking sell amazing stuff (epoxy steel) for 50p odd! It's the best epoxy glue I've ever come across. Always have 2-3 packs in my glue box.  ~~

Bad Raven

Err, isn't all superglue Cyanoacrylate?
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Pretty much, but after researching the web (back when I had your original question) I realised many were confused and had differing opinions about what constitutes a 'superglue' (the universally adopted name for instant adhesive). There's a load of instant bond glues out there sometimes referred to as superglues that aren't CA.

At the end of the day fast fix epoxy works perfectly for me so I've been keeping things simple and using that. But if you're interested you might want to research instant adhesives that utilize various chemical compounds that are designed for plastic welding (amongst other purposes). There's a number of cement welding glues recommended such as Tensol 12 and plastic weld glues like EMA. Some people refer to these as superglues too.