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What slicer and/or software do you use?

Started by Hozza, April 20, 2018, 12:53:12 am

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Just wondering what everyone else is using?

I've been using Simplify3d for about 2 years now, I've recently tried the latest Cura and Kiss, Cura works well a lot better than a few years ago, Kiss I'm finding quirky but I still find myself using S3D.

My Kossel just runs straight from the duet3d controller, sometimes I run it via the web browser.

The i3 I control from Repetier host using g-code created in S3D.
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I started with an old version of Cura and it worked quite well, I now run the latest ersion of Cura I have tried others but always seem to come back to it,
maybe its just because its what I started with and i'm familiar with it  :rolleyes:
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Bad Raven

Cura, because that was the default setting in Repetier Host when I started.

As I have a Laptop usually free from other use to act as a Control point and the Fab II Mini does not have a screen, etc, I have continued to use Repetier Host and driven the printer via USB. I like the comprehensive on screen progress/handling info of Repetier and not had any issues doing this "live" connection so not experimented with Wireless (which it has) or Repetier's server process.

I have not had the time or strictly need to investigate other Slicers further, even though they are offered within Repetier's menu, but have on a number of occasions thought I should experiment, but concern with cocking up my existing working setup has stopped me.

I did try Slic3r when my system decided not to display various stages, inc not showing the sliced model or the layer by layer build on screen, but that was the same as Cura at that time so clearly the issue was not in the slicer so I reverted. (It was a Repetier glitch now resolved).

I'd like to know a lot more about Slicers and their various features/advantages/disadvantages, but as said, I'm not prepared to risk what works now. Any good explanations out there please?

Maybe when the Prusa Mk3 arrives and is built and running I may act differently and experiment with the Fab II Mini. (Not sure what software the Mk3 comes with!)
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